Quick Answer: Which Curtain Track Is Best?

What are the drop sizes in curtains?

Drop: Ready-made curtains are available in three different drops: 137 cm (54 inches), 183 cm (72 inches) or 228 cm (90 inches).

Some manufacturers also offer a 274 cm (108 inch) drop; click on this link to view the available designs: Larger Sizes..

What is slot top curtains?

1. A Slot Top heading is supplied as standard and is the perfect choice for wires or net rods which are simply slotted through the opening. … The tape has vertical loops on the back so that the curtain can be hung using a net rod or wire, or alternatively, traditional curtain hooks and a track or pole can be used.

How wide should curtain tracks be?

Usually we advise you to opt for a curtain track that is between 15-25cm to the left and to also the right of this measurement (depending on your window width) to take into account the space needed to draw back your curtains on either side.

Should curtains touch the floor?

So should curtains touch the floor? The short answer is yes… usually. But when making any decision about your window treatments, whether they’re drapes, blinds, or shades, it’s important to consider every aspect of style and function so you can choose the best option for your windows and your home.

Can you hang pencil pleat curtains on a track?

Pencil pleat curtains can be hung from a track or a pole. … Pinch and Goblet pleat curtains can be hung from a track or pole but as they hang underneath either, to enable the curtains to concertina back properly, the track or pole will be in full view. Therefore, they can look smarter when hung from a decorative pole.

What is a wave top curtain?

Wave™ is a trademarked style of curtain heading designed by the leading window system specialists, Silent Gliss. This stylish heading creates fluid waves of fabric that appear to float below your desired track or pole, creating a gravitational illusion that’s sure to impress.

What curtains for curtain track?

Can any curtain be fitted to a track? Curtains with a pencil pleat, pinch pleat or wave header style can be fitted to a curtain track. However, eyelet curtains can only be fitted to a curtain pole. This is because the round eyelets need a curved surface to glide smoothly across.

Do wave curtains need a special track?

The wave heading makes a simple rippling fold effect in your finished curtain and so is a less fussy and ornate style than say french pleat or pencil pleat curtains. It must be fitted to a Silent Gliss track that is made specifically for wave heading.

Are wave curtains good?

The sleek and minimalist effect achieved by wave curtains makes them especially suitable for modern interiors, but wave curtains also look good alongside more traditional décor. Wave curtain tracks help maximise the amount of light coming into the room, making them ideal for any space where daylight is at a premium.

What is a wave curtain track?

Wave is a neat and stylish curtain heading system by Silent Gliss. … The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains but fabric hangs directly below the track in a neat and uniform style.

How do I choose a curtain rail?

TipChoose a curtain pole that’s long enough to allow your curtains to stack back to the sides of the windows.Poles can be cut to size, or joined with a connector if made from metal.Wood poles come with a double end screw to join them; you’ll need an extra centre bracket for poles over 180cm in length.

Which is better curtain track or pole?

Curtain tracks are less visible so are a good choice for plain or simple curtains styles. They are usually fully hidden by the curtain fabric when the curtains are closed. … Traditional tracks lack the versatility of poles when comes the choice of your curtain heading. Most curtains on tracks use pencil pleat headings.

How do you put curtains on a track?

– Along the track: place the hooks at 4′ intervals The curtain or voile curtain is ready to be hung. Thanks to these fixtures, you can adapt your pencil pleat curtains to a track: position them along the top of the curtain at intervals of around 6′ and tighten the screws firmly.

What kind of curtains use hooks?

What hooks do you need for Pinch Pleat Curtains? These are the curtains that have the pleats sewn into the top. They come as either double or triple pleated curtains, can be used on either a track system or on a rod/pole with rings both use the same type of hooks.

Will creases drop out of new curtains?

Hi, either iron them with a sheet between the iron and the curtain or put them over a shower rail (if you have one) and fill the bathroom with steam- the hot steam should make the creases fall out. Ahh good idea.

How much should curtains overlap?

Measure the exact size of the area you would like the Wave curtains to overlap. To minimize light leakage we recommend that you overlap the window recess by at least 150mm at the top and 150mm each side. The overlap at the bottom is a matter of personal choice but please take into account obstacles such as radiators.

What is the drop of a curtain?

The curtain drop is the length from the top to the bottom of the curtain. The drop will depend on where the base of the curtain is to finish, ie sill, below sill or floor and the heading style. As a rule, measure the drop from the underside of the curtain rings to ensure the pole can be seen above the curtains.

What is the difference between eyelet and pencil pleat curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains have pleats at the top which are tightened or loosened with strings and then hung from the curtain rod, while eyelet curtains simply have holes in the top circled with metal rings which you slide over the curtain rod.